Illusions Dimension [Remastered]

by Matheus Manente

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"Close your eyes and notice what lies ahead: The kinetic disturbances that weakly bind physics and psalms; The grandeur of the universe which reveals how little we know; Life, always the same, unconsciously discriminated. We are water droplets fighting against the rain; Sometimes broken, sore, forsaken in the crowd. Prophesying the reunion. We research, but we are the greatest of mysteries, amid a planet full of them. We brought destruction, oppression, control, technology. We question. We industrialize. Why do we live? If we find the answer, it means we know nothing. For a thousand times we created castles and left them unfinished. Are you brave enough to build this castle to the end?"


released February 1, 2017

All compositions by Matheus Manente. ©2014 by Matheus Manente. Produced by Matheus Manente. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Matheus Manente at his Home Studio - SP, Brazil - 2012 thru 2014. Remastered by Matheus Manente at his Home Studio - SP, Brazil - 2016 thru 2017. All instruments by Matheus Manente, except: Piano on track 4 - "Inner Peace" and Keyboards on track 9 - "Pamukkale" by Gryzor87. Artwork, Design and Concepts by Matheus Manente.



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Matheus Manente

Musician and composer from Brazil.

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Track Name: Illusions Dimension
"Sometimes, I wander through dark wet streets thinking about who I am. While occasionally I relieve my thirst of knowledge planning what to do in the next few days, I always forget what is the real purpose of life. Then, I sleep. When these illusions drag me into the dimension of dreams, I start to see both logical thinking and faith merging into one. This is what we call inner peace. It’s within us all. Just as the choices we made and the choices we are yet to mold. It’s just a huge nothing, slowly turning into real debris of self, night after night. Call it as the remnants of your mind, which shape is meant for you, and you only, to decide."
Track Name: Kinetic Disturbances
(from brownian motion to life)
Track Name: The Shapley-Curtis Debate
(spirals and the size of the whole)
Track Name: Inner Peace
(claim for a minute together)
Track Name: Symmetry of Evil
(and the contradictory patterns)
Track Name: Market Garden
(a bridge too far)
Track Name: Castaway
(lost in solitude)
Track Name: The Seventh of Nights
(one day, reunion)
Track Name: Pamukkale
(castle of descent waters)
Track Name: Virtual Destruction
(the brain of 1983)
Track Name: The Burial of the Count of Orgaz
(heaven and earth brought together)
Track Name: Brihadeeswarar Temple
(a reign is gone)
Track Name: Dreams and Memories
(subjective experiences of emotion)